OUR MISSION Prioritizing what matters most

Cultivating individual & collective success

SONIFI makes the best technology. But it’s the best people who make SONIFI.

Our employees are critical to SONIFI’s growth and success, so we’re continually looking for how to best support your personal well-being and professional goals.

We want you to be excited about what you do and who you work with. We want you to feel supported in trying new things and honing your skills. We want you to be part of evolving what our company is and what we could become.


We simplify technology so our customers can achieve their core mission while delivering memorable experiences, better outcomes and exceptional service.

What we value

Our shared purpose as SONIFI employees centers around upholding and living out four core values:


We see challenges as opportunities to prove what we do best — and we always step up to the challenge.


To continually adapt and grow, we remain curious, ask questions, and find answers.


It takes teamwork and trust to fully deliver on our promises to our customers and exceed their expectations.


Every role throughout SONIFI is aligned to our collective top priority: supporting our customers.

Employee Spotlight

“It’s easy to be negative. It’s easy to look down on stuff. It’s harder sometimes to be positive. And yet, that’s where the value is.”

Eric Aasen Senior Director Technology Solutions
2022 Signature Award winner for leadership
Corey Blauwet

“Seeing the experiences our technology can create, and how that improves people’s lives, is the best reward.”

Corey Blauwet Senior Product Manager
2022 Signature Award winner for customer enrichment

“I feel very lucky to be in the role I’m in—I’ve gotten to know customers personally over the years, and we also have such an amazing team internally. I think the best part of SONIFI is the teamwork.”

Michelle Armstrong Director or National Accounts
2022 Signature Award winner for financial star

Supporting our employees’ cultures & communities

We celebrate the unique and valuable impact our employees’ own cultures bring to SONIFI. Each SONIFI employee has a Community and Culture Day, which they can use to volunteer in the community and observe cultural or religious days that are important to them personally.

Employees have used their Community and Culture Day for a wide range of activities, such as:

  • people Attending fundraising events & awareness activities
  • volunteer_activism Volunteering for community service
  • celebration Celebrating holidays & personal milestones
  • handshake Supporting the needs of local schools, shelters & organizations
  • interests Participating in traditions that are meaningful to them

Additionally, many teams coordinate to volunteer together in support of local organizations in their community.

At SONIFI’s headquarters in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, employees have participated in more than 100 blood drives, impacting thousands of people in the community. For more than 30 years, Sioux Falls employees have also volunteered at The Banquet, a local nonprofit that serves meals to hundreds of people in need every day.

Why employees love working here

“Our culture at SONIFI is dynamic, passionate and friendly! Everyone is eager to go the extra mile and do well. We are more than co-workers, we are a work family!”
“Every employee takes ownership of our company and products because what we do represents them and their work. SONIFI's culture of encouragement allows employees to test out their ideas and incorporate their passions into their projects.”
“Collaboration and teamwork make supporting our customers and providing the best service possible.”
“SONIFI has experience and tradition mixed with new ideas and curiosity. The wisdom gained from our experience nurtures the growth and success of innovative advances in our offerings to our customers.”

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